Inspired Design: Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

I love flowers. Truly, deeply love everything about them. As much as I know our clients do as well, frequently couples request an alternative to flowers or wish to have more texture and different elements incorporated into their wedding design. Given we are in the glorious state of Vermont, our resources for fruits, vegetables and herbs are abundant and are no longer just reserved for couples planning farm to table receptions. Expand your horizons, as nature’s bounty is ready and more than willing to grace your tabletops.

How to incorporate these elements into the design? The go big or go home theory (aka all or nothing). Lush tablescapes resembling the harvest tables of the days of old – or a more modern take of beautiful vases, filled to the brim with root veggies and leafy greens. Add a few candles to create a very romantic environment.

Fruit and Vegetable

Have a more modern, clean style?

If the idea of adding fruits, vegetables or herbs to the tabletop is too organic, incorporate these details into striking displays on the bar, cake or other areas of interest at the reception.

If you are looking for just a touch, something special or can’t quite put your finger on what else the tabletop design may need, add a piece of fruit to the place setting or tuck a sprig of your favorite herb in the napkin. For a surprising element, add a vegetable detail to your bouquet.

Style Unveiled

Style Unveiled

Spread an obscene amount of berries on a table for a great dessert display. Toss raspberries in the champagne glasses. Use artichokes, lemons or apples for escort card or place card holders. More of a foodie and prefer to eat your veggies? Answer: pickled vegetables on the table. Hands down winner all around. The possibilities are unlimited, the key is having a well, thought out display and design plan.

Interested in the look? Don’t make these 5 (five) mistakes;

  1. Mind your budget. The lush look is never inexpensive – given flowers or fruits, veggies and herbs. Even simple designs can be more expensive than you originally think.
  2. Grow your own herbs. Unless you are a gardener, farmer or have a complete understanding of how these will or will not grow – just don’t do it. Dead herbs or long, leggy spiky stems are not ideal – unless that is your desired look.
  3. Stress. Timing is everything when it comes to making your own jars of jams, pickled vegetables, etc. Don’t stress yourself out if the project is just too big. Its like ordering everything on the menu when your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It might be a great idea at the start of the planning process, but a few months before the wedding, it can be a huge undertaking. Thanks to the latest trends,  you can find these products with much ease.
  4. Under estimate. Designing an entire wedding using fruits and vegetables can be an overwhelming experience. Ordering, sourcing, storing (produce does go bad) and moving all those materials is a project on its own. This concept may be more than you bargain for if you are in the DIY mindset. If your heart is set on an artistic look, with fresh product and you plan on a stress-free wedding day – hire a professional designer. Then go back and read #1.
  5. Over-do it. Fruit and vegetable display for cocktail hour. Packets of seeds for escort cards. Fruits and vegetable names for tables. Vegetables for display, vegetables to eat, one on the plate, and so on… Too much! Keep it in check, keep it real.

For more great inspiration check out our Inspired:Fruit and Veggies pinterest board!

Happy planning! – Carrie

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